To Pinterest...or not to Pinterest?

Pin It After hearing all the hype about Pinterest and hearing the days people had lost on their life due to the addiction, I decided to check it out tonight.

My initial thought is - pretty cool.  Everytime you see a photo of something you love on the internet, you can "pin it" to your board.  You create as many different boards, labeling them for your theme, as you need.  In my case, it is awesome since I'm always wondering where I saw that great idea.  One click and you pin the photo to a board on your account.

I created a board for my breakfast room tonight.  Obviously, I still need to add several more accessories and accent pieces, but I have the basics ready to go.  However, by the time I actually implement the pieces, something could (will) change.  :)  Hahaha...isn't that how it always happens?

If nothing else, it is a simple way for me to catalog pictures, creating a new board for each theme, room or project.

Do you Pinterest?  Find me at -  What are your thoughts about the site?

FOLLOW UP:  Today I was checking out which blogs were helping get the word out about The Quaint Cottage...guess what?  I've had a few people on Pinterest actually pin my photos of the furniture I built.  WOW!  I'm so excited.  And if you were one of them - THANK YOU! 


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