DIY Console Desk (Door Top)

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On a mini makeover of my family room, I really needed a larger desk for the kids for homework and laptops.  The old desk only sat one, so in order to remove some fighting over the spot I built a larger table.  This table can seat 3 children if they behave and stay in their area.  I would only recommend 2.  Hahaha!

If you remember back to the time I made the vanity base, I stated I had left over cedar 4"x4" that I would use for a later project. 

Here is that later project and how I used it.

I grabbed 4 2"x4", 1 1"x4" and a hollow core door (24"x80").  Since I already had the 4"x4" posts, this project only cost about $30.  However, if you don't want to use 4"x4" pieces you can use 2"x4" doubled (like the inspiration project from Ana White).

Here is the cut list:

Below is how the 2 2"x4" pieces stack with the 1"x4".  The bottom 2"x4" is a straight cut, the one on top is mitered on the ends at 45 degrees and the top 1"x4" is cut to length for the inside miter cut.

To put together, screw and nail the 1"x4" to the 4"x4" on both ends and work your way out until you have the last 2"x4" in place.  I used 2 screws on each board and rotated the spots to sink into the piece below.  I also added nailed to mine to add strength.

Here is how the finished leg looks.

Then you will need to cut a center support to attach the two legs.  I used the Kreg to screw into the legs from the center support.

And to add to the support, I included "L" brackets on the legs (top and bottom).  It may be over kill, but necessary for my kids.

I used a mixture of products to finish the look.  I wanted weathered and rustic, but not brown.  I love how the finish turned out.

Here is a better look at the finish.

This is the coolest design for legs for a desktop.  I love how it turned out.

Next up for the mini-makeover is a new entertainment center.

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Karen :)

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Cozy Additions to the Family Room

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Comfy, cozy additions to the family room.

New homemade furry and knitted pillows with the Ikea Pillow and throw.

Photo Bomber - Max the Morkie

Well, I jumped into the family room(taking a break from finishing the half bath-no judgments please) to do a few things to make the room more inviting during the summer while we lounged inside watching movies and avoiding the heat.

Last week, I posted on Facebook that I found a new rug on for a steal at $148 for an 8x11.  I jumped on it even though I wasn't a huge fan of the chevon pattern.  My goal was to add a bit more color and this did not have brown or beige, so it was actually perfect.

It was to replace the jute rug (below) that my family hated.  If you notice in this picture, the theme of the room was The World of Blah Beige and Brown.

Last night I made two new pillow covers for the sectional.  One furry, one knitted.

I found the furry fabric on ebay and I used a soft baby chenille yarn for the knitted one.

Here is the furry one, which Max the Morkie actually hates.  He barked at it for the first five minutes it was on the couch.  Maybe it reminded him of his father or he thought it was his competition.

Here is the knitted one.  It would be much easier to make with a sweater from Goodwill, but I couldn't find one I liked with soft material.

Here are two thoughts for a new ceiling fan, both from Lowes - Allen Roth.  I think the second one is more casual, which is a better fit for my house.

I swapped out the dark brown curtains with the ones from the front living room.  Free!  And I am loving how light and bright the room looks with the change.  Here are a few before and after with the lighter curtains.  The room actually looks much bigger now.

I need to reupholster the ottoman, but I will be repainting the walls and covering the popcorn ceiling too!  (Last room with popcorn on this level)

I plan to do a bit of work in the half bath to finish it up this weekend.  I just hate the small finishing touches that seem so tedious, don't you?

See you soon!  Karen :)

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