DIY Vanity Sink Base

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When I started planning my mini half bath make over, I came up with this inspiration board.

As you can see, I installed the white plank wall and ceiling.  I added the barn light.  And painted the walls the Light French Gray.  Here is how far this room has come so far.

Now, I needed a vanity upon which to set the white square sink.  I spotted this sink/vanity combe at Pottery Barn and thought it was beautiful.  However, it was way out of my budget.  Remember, this project began with just the need to repaint the room.

Here is a picture of the inspiration piece:

Here is a view of the sink top (which I found at  I found the cute little soap pump at Target and the faucet at Lowes.

Here is how I built the base:

I used cedar to make the legs and the cross supports, cedar fence post tops for the feet and 1x11.5 utility shelving (which was more rustic, cheaper and aged looking than the pine or white wood).

I would suggest (if you don't mind the reduced height) to cut the 8' cedar 4x4 into 4 equal pieces for the legs to save $$$.  I had to cut 3 legs on one 8' piece and the 4th on another.  I will use the extra wood for another project, but I thought of it after I already made my cuts.  You can make up the difference with taller feet or chunkier top.

Cut List -
4 - 4x4 26" (legs) may need to adjust for the sink height
4 4" feet
6 - 2x2 13" (sides)
2 - 1x12 13" (sides)
5 - 2x2 21" (front and back)
1 - 1x12 21" (front)
2 - 1x12 16" (bottom shelf)
1 - 2x2 16" (bottom shelf center)
2 - 1x12 30" (top)

First, I assembled the two sides by attaching the pieces and face to the legs.
After the two sides were built, I attached the front three support pieces and the two back supports.

Attach the top pieces to the frame of the base with "L" brackets.  Once you find the position you like for the sink, mark the openings for the drain and the supply lines.

Attach feet and front piece.  I made a small "U" shaped drawer to allow a spot for the drain.

The overall height for the sink base is 30.75" and with the sink it is about 36".  Make necessary adjustments depending on your sink and the height you require.

Sink & Drain - $150

I still need to build the small bookcase for the corner of the room and refashion the mirror that used to hang in the room.  Also, I still want to find a new (old) door.

Have a great week!!!

I {heart} my new food dehydrator!

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Off the subject of the half bath for a moment....  Here is a random post.

I've recently discovered the art of dehydrating food.  Okay, it may not be an art, but it's pretty cool.  I've only made jerky, apple chips and banana chips, but I am going to test fruit roll ups this weekend.  I love this little machine!!!!

The fruit obviously takes much longer than the jerky because of the liquid content, but the jerky is ready to go in about 4 hours.  All you do is mix the seasoning with the meat and squeeze through the gun.  How easy is that?  I'm planning on making a large batch of goodies for our upcoming road trip to the beach.

My co-worker also decided to buy one and she has made her own spicy red pepper seasoning.

Why did it take me so long to test one of these wonderful machines?  My whole family loves eating jerky, but it is so expensive and packed full of preservatives.  Now we make our own with the jerky gun (yes, there is such a thing) and jerky seasoning (which I made have to make my own some day).

I've even found dog treat recipes for the dehydrator!  Actually, I may need to make Max some of those because right now when he smells the jerky he barks at me to give him some. 

Do you have a dehydrator?  What type of stuff do you make with yours?

I'm adding the links to the items I purchased if you are curious.  This isn't a sponsored ad post, just sharing what I found.  :)





I Can See the Finish Line

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Does anyone else get so involved with a project in your house you ignore the laundry and start naming your dust bunnies and passing them off as pets?  Well, I do!

My house is in complete chaos right now because the kids brought home all their school projects, papers, supplies and just threw them where they found room.

Instead of doing something about the mess, I decided to work in the half bath tonight after work.

Now, all of the painting is complete!!!!  Yippeeeee!!!!

This weekend I painted the white paneling (which I had primed last weekend).

And tonight I painted the walls.  As much as I truly loathe painting, I do love the finished product.  Plus, my arms and legs get a bit of a workout so I can't complain.

Also, over the weekend I started the vanity project.  Here is a sneak peek at what I'm making. 

I stained it, but I'm thinking it is a bit darker than I wanted.  I'll see what it looks like in the room before I decide if I need to make any changes.

If anyone will be interested, I'll post some plans of the vanity.

Lucky for me, I had plenty of paint left over from the laundry room remodel to use in the half bath.

I need to finish the sink this week since I'm having guests for a BBQ this weekend. 

Wish me luck.

Karen :)

Half Bath Update

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Well, two weeks of life getting in the way of the home improvement projects really sets me back.

First, the Saint Louis area was hit with a couple of rounds of hail storms.  We were very lucky and didn't get the golf ball + sized hail, but we still had some damage to our roof.  We will be getting a new roof next week courtesy of our insurance company.  Yay! 

Then, our condensing unit and a-coil died just when the temperatures were a steady 90 degrees.  It doesn't bother me too much, but my children claimed they could possibly die from the heat.  Poor babies!  Needless to say, they spent a lot of time in the sprinkler and stationed in front of the fans in the house.  The day we had the new one installed the temperatures returned to a more seasonable 72 degrees.

Last weekend, we were able to witness a gorgeous Super Moon.  Sadly, I only had my iphone handy to snap a photo, but hopefully you were able to witness it in person.

Since the house was a sauna for about a week, I couldn't work on the half bath.  1)  Couldn't install the rest of the paneling when the wood is swollen from the humidty.  2)  Couldn't paint the already installed paneling because it never would have dried.

Finally, this weekend I jumped back into the project.

Here is the little room with the completed primed paneling.




Now you see the popcorn, now you don't :)
I promised the hubs I would build the vanity and install the sink next weekend.  Stay tuned to see what I make.  Have a great week! 


Kreg Winner

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I had so much fun getting to check out some of your blogs (that were linked to the giveaway).  Thank you to all who joined in on the fun.

Now, on to the winner.

Last night after I closed the comments, I ran a random number from all the entries.

And the winner is...  Kat from Planetpowers.

Kat, please email me ( your address so I can get your Kreg to you.

Thank you to all that entered!!!!

If you didn't win the Kreg, don't worry!  I will have another giveaway coming shortly.

Congrats to Kat!!!

Have a great day.