I Can See the Finish Line

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Does anyone else get so involved with a project in your house you ignore the laundry and start naming your dust bunnies and passing them off as pets?  Well, I do!

My house is in complete chaos right now because the kids brought home all their school projects, papers, supplies and just threw them where they found room.

Instead of doing something about the mess, I decided to work in the half bath tonight after work.

Now, all of the painting is complete!!!!  Yippeeeee!!!!

This weekend I painted the white paneling (which I had primed last weekend).

And tonight I painted the walls.  As much as I truly loathe painting, I do love the finished product.  Plus, my arms and legs get a bit of a workout so I can't complain.

Also, over the weekend I started the vanity project.  Here is a sneak peek at what I'm making. 

I stained it, but I'm thinking it is a bit darker than I wanted.  I'll see what it looks like in the room before I decide if I need to make any changes.

If anyone will be interested, I'll post some plans of the vanity.

Lucky for me, I had plenty of paint left over from the laundry room remodel to use in the half bath.

I need to finish the sink this week since I'm having guests for a BBQ this weekend. 

Wish me luck.

Karen :)


  1. Looks great, Karen! I really like the horizontal panelling. I completely understand what you mean about letting the house get messy when trying to finish a big project :-)

    ~Liz (www.widgapae.blogspot.com)

  2. @Liz Thanks Liz!! I just can't wait to finish it now.

  3. I LOVE this idea, but can you tell me how you finished the corners and edges? It looks SO good =o)