Bar Stool Update

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Last month, I posted how to build bar stools.  If you missed it, you can find the link here.

Well, the kiddos told me the preferred the old bar stools because they were cushioned.  So, to keep them happy I added simple cushions to the bar stools today.

I cut fabric in a square a few inches wider than necessary.

Used a $10 twin sized mattress foam pad and cut it to wrap under the top of the bar stool.  I made sure the pattern of the mattress pad was on the bottom to avoid feeling/seeing it through the fabric.

I pulled and stapled (just like with a regular chair seat).

Then, with the overhang, I folded it and stapled the excess to create a smooth finish.

The before photo:

And the after.  Very simple update, but so much more comfy for everyone.

I've been slow on updates and posts this month due to the back to school events.  I hope to be back in full swing in a week or so.  Thanks for stopping by and stay tuned.


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New Body Lumbar Pillow for the Bed! Homemade Pillow Cover

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I found an awesome home decor blog featuring a homemade body or lumbar pillow case which became the focal point of the bed.  Not only did it look cozy and cheerful with the random color combinations, but it fun and easy to make.  And it was an awesome way to use beautiful pieces of left over fabric.

Here is my version.  Sorry about the dim lighting, but I finished it tonight.  I'll take better pics tomorrow with lighting.

I made mine a bit longer to conceal the ends.  I also made it a bit more casual by making it bigger around the pillow to allow for the pillow case to shrink a bit in the wash.

Below I laid out the fabrics to see how I wanted the colors to work together.

Then, after I stitched the pieces together, I added a top stitch to help reinforce the seam and it add a bit of detail.

I love how the vibrant pinks play against the calm blues & greens.

And here is where I was inspired.  Check out the awesome tutorial -
Thanks for stopping by, Karen :)

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Copy Cat - Wall Art

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I found these beautiful pieces of wall art on Ballard Design.  If I had some great stencils or the time to reproduce a similar look with with a paint brush, I would have.  Unfortunately, I don't.

It wasn't so much the detail for me, but the need for a splash of color over my bed.  I decided to create this look with wood frames, like the one I built here and here.

Then, I spray painted the frame.  I used mod podge to adhere the paper to the frame.

If I find better paper or even a great wrapping paper with a larger pattern, I'll be changing the paper.  However, this is the perfect little addition to the vacant space over the bed.

Thanks for looking.

Karen  :)


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Master Bedroom - Mini Make Over

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It all started with the need for lighting...

Isn't that how all projects get started?  I just need new lights for my bedroom...  Have you ever read the book "If you give a pig a pancake"?  Yep, this is so that book.

Do you have that one room in your house where you have no idea on how you want it to look?  For me it is the master bedroom.  The room where I have no vision, no inspiration and no money to spend.  But, the room where I spend much of my time.

WARNING:  The photo you are about to see will shock you.  (And embarrass me)

I'm sharing this photo for two reasons - 1)  It can only get better from this starting point.  2)  As much as I like to think this room is my special place to retreat from the world, that little stuffed animal on the chair and the blanket on the floor proves children have been playing in here.  According to the messy blanket on the bed, jumping could have been involved.

This room needs to change.
List of things that needed to be changed/added:
- Lighting.  My lighting for the bedroom was seriously lacking.  I love to read in bed at night, but the only lighting we had (left) was my small lamp on my end table.  It is not adequate for some reason.  The lamp on my hubby's nightstand broke.  We have four kids and this is not a new thing to happen in our house.  :)
- End tables.  The end tables we have were purchased several years back at Crate and Barrel.  They were cute, but designed very poorly.  The cam system that held the panels together always came apart.  So then anytime I would go to adjust the position of the fell apart.
- Must have seating or a low bench at the end of the bed.  Not really for seating, but for the little dog to make his way up onto the bed.  If he doesn't have access, I don't get sleep. 
- Laptop table.  I know it sounds weird, but I have never met a laptop that I can place on my lap.  They overheat when the fan is blocked with your leg or a couch or bedspread under them.  I don't ask for much, but I want to be able to write or surf the web from my bed when I have free time.
- New comforter and shams.
- Make a pillow sham for a large body pillow as the bed center piece.
- Possibly a rug at the end of the bed to add a cozy look to the room.  I had already installed hardwood flooring in the room a few years ago, but I love having area rugs on top of the hardwood.

Then I stumbled upon a blog called House of Turquoise.  I fell in love with this bedroom instantly.  It has a similar layout to my bedroom and it has a classic look that I love.  However, the furniture is all white and mine is dark.  :(

See the photos below.

Same vaulted ceiling with ceiling fan, door on the side wall (mine is a closet), bay window, wood floors... and this one had a footstool at the end of the bed.  I could totally see my room being just like this - in my head.  I'm pretty sure my hubby won't mind if I paint the walls (again).  I just don't see him letting me paint the new furniture from the espresso color to white.  I could make a white slipcover to pull over the dark "leather" headboard and footboard....what do I do?  I can just imagine how utterly cheerful and crisp my room can be like this beautiful picture.

As of today, one end table is finished & painted.  I decided to make mine a bit different from hubbys side.  On mine I will create a mini-bookcase to house some books and the laptop.  Boards and paint were finished on the lower half of the wall.  Lighting finished. 

Here is where the room is today...

It is slow progress....but it is progress.  Right?  Hopefully, next weekend the other end table will be finished.