Weekend Projects

Pin It Like many of you, you plan and think about the projects you need to complete over a weekend all week long.  It can get overwhelming and exhausting just trying to figure out all the things you need to do.  And then, once you starting thinking about it...the list just keeps GROWING!!!

Well, here is what I will be working on this weekend. 

I'll be picking a finish and completing this nightstand...  I keep going back and forth on how I want it to look.  Part of me (the part that usually wins the battles) wants to keep it neutral.  A nice muted grey or crisp white color would be perfect.  However, a small part of me wants a pop of color.  Something unexpected next to the muted color palette in the bedroom.  Turquoise or yellow or even a stenciled pattern on top. 

I'll be redoing this old dresser.  I use this table in my dining room for extra storage and a focal place to display items on the top.  At first, I wanted to sand it down and refinish it.  However, after about five minutes and loose pieces of the water damaged top flying everywhere...I realized that wasn't going to happen.  I think I'm going to like how I decided to finish it even more than my original plan.  This piece doesn't fit in with my plan to focus on my bedroom - but I need to get it back in the house from the garage (which is also my woodshop).

I'll be creating some inexpensive wall art, like this from Ballard Design.  I needed a few pieces of art wall for my wall over the bed.  I loved this idea and thought it would be super simple to recreate.

And I'll be working on some trim, lighting and bedding in my bedroom.  I found this adorable pillow case made by The Handmade Home and loved how she used scraps of fabric to create a cozy focal point on the bed.  It is such a great idea.

The Handmade Home
I'm going to keep the bedroom a surprise until I actually finish the nightstand.  I just need to figure that out first.  Wish me luck! 

Karen  :)

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