New Body Lumbar Pillow for the Bed! Homemade Pillow Cover

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I found an awesome home decor blog featuring a homemade body or lumbar pillow case which became the focal point of the bed.  Not only did it look cozy and cheerful with the random color combinations, but it fun and easy to make.  And it was an awesome way to use beautiful pieces of left over fabric.

Here is my version.  Sorry about the dim lighting, but I finished it tonight.  I'll take better pics tomorrow with lighting.

I made mine a bit longer to conceal the ends.  I also made it a bit more casual by making it bigger around the pillow to allow for the pillow case to shrink a bit in the wash.

Below I laid out the fabrics to see how I wanted the colors to work together.

Then, after I stitched the pieces together, I added a top stitch to help reinforce the seam and it add a bit of detail.

I love how the vibrant pinks play against the calm blues & greens.

And here is where I was inspired.  Check out the awesome tutorial -
Thanks for stopping by, Karen :)

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