New Entertainment Center

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I had a small village of components living around my television in the family room.  DVR, DVD, Playstation, Xbox, Large Speakers, small speakers, DVDs, Video Game & Controllers.  Sound familiar?

I spent quite of bit of time searching for the perfect piece of furniture (either to replicate or purchase).  Guess what?  It didn't exist.  Apparently, you need to purchase a four foot length console for the massive televisions and all the equipment and just make do.  Some of the "larger" sized units were around $500 and still not what I needed and made of MDF.  Yes, some of them have the huge wall towers to go over the television.  However, I have tons of windows and didn't like the look of a wall of stuff.

Here is my solution.  Unfortunately, this photo was take with the iphone last night when it was dark, so you will need to check back with the plans and the "good" photos soon.  This will give you an idea of what is coming.

I know this picture is horrible.  I will hurry and add a better one this week.

This one is a bit better, but still with the iphone

For comparison purposes, this is a 46" television (which the hubby claims is now too small - Ha!).

Top row holds the DVD, DVR, Playstation & Xbox
Center row holds the smaller front speaker and has room for decor.
Center bottom houses the large speaker (hidden) and four rows of DVDs.
The two end spots are to hole large wicker baskets to hold video games and equipment. 

No more clutter!

Here is what I had before.  Looks kind of wimpy compared to the new one.

Here are a couple of the build:  I used Purebond plywood

I am so pleased with how it turned out.  I will share plans for anyone needing ideas for their own build.  Also, I will have more projects starting soon for the family room (adding wall planks and building a new coffee table to hide more DVDs).  I'm beginning to think I have too many DVDs and need to get rid of some.

Karen :)