Happy One Month Anniversary!

Pin It Who knew there were so many people with a passion for creating were on the internet?  Now I do!  Some of the ideas being shared are so inspirational.  I love looking at blogs where not only they show you stunning before and after pics, but they show you how they got to the finished product with a step by step tutorial. 

I've had such a blast this month connecting with so many new people.  I didn't know if anyone (besides the poor co-worker who has to put up with all my crazy ideas, the family who is obligated under any circumstance and a handful of friends who actually like projects too) would even look at a blog if I made one to show my house projects...but you did!  And thank you for taking the time from your day to come over to check it out.

To recap. 

My favorite Robert Frost Poem

Pin It When I made this pallet frame, like the PB one from the spring catalog, I found a great tutorial from The Lettered Cottage.  Find their instructions on their blog here.

Well, I made the frame and stained in Early American.  Then it sat for a few weeks while I decided on what to put on it.

Actually, I'm not really big on poetry, but I've always loved a Robert Frost poem.  I couldn't remember the name of it, but I had it memorized.  So I googled it and printed it out.

Two weeks past as I made sure that was something I would want on my wall for awhile.

Small Tray for Displays

Pin It I'm showing this little tray, which was constructed just like the Distressed Wall Art project.

I found a grey colored stain by Minwax and I wanted something small to test it.  It was a touch too grey, so I streaked a bit of Early American stain on top (just lightly) and rubbed it in to blend. 

It looked like aged cedar.

Rustic Farmhouse Table Centerpiece

Pin It After I browsed through the latest PB issue, I found a few things that might look amazing in the center of my new farmhouse table I built.  If you missed that post, click here.

I found these and wanted to find a way to incorporate a piece of my own.

See this long herb holder...

Pottery Barn

And this condiment jar holder...
Pottery Barn

DIY Copy Cat Nesting End Table - Part 2

Pin It Last weekend, I built the larger table of the two nesting tables.  Find the link here.

During the week, I finished it with a weathered finish.  And you can find that link here.

So, now I finished the smaller of the two tables.

Here is the finished set.

You might notice I tweaked the color of the smaller table.  For some reason, I didn't want them to be too matchy matchy.  I did use the same distressing technique, but I just used a color a shade lighter.

This little table is such a simple project.  Cut four legs.
 Cut four cross boards.  Nail them together.

 And cut and install the top. 

Cut all the pieces, nailed together...

Filled holes and sanded.

Painted (without primer) and let dry overnight.  Roughed it up with the sander.

Used the stain to glaze.

And here it is with it's larger friend.

Thank you for your kind words on the finish.  I hope you like the completed set.

Take care,


Link parties -
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http://www.homestoriesatoz.com/  & http://primitiveandproper.blogspot.com/2011/07/piece-of-work-wednesday-furniture-link_26.html & http://www.abeachcottage.com/ & http://www.thirtysixthavenue.com/2011/07/sticker-and-party-time-12.html & http://www.houseofhepworths.com/


Thank you!

Pin It After three weeks of blogging at The Quaint Cottage, there are now 21 google followers and 48 facebook followers.  More surprisingly to me is the fact that the blog sees an average of 500 page views a day.  So even if you haven't decided to follow yet, I still know you are checking out the blog and leaving such positive comments.  There are so many great people in the blogworld and it has been such a pleasure to connect with several of you.

Envelope Pillows - If you love pillows and hate to sew zippers, this is for you!

Pin It I've always loved pillows and hated the prices of pillow covers.  So I've made my own.  Not only is it inexpensive, but you can match the colors you need to fit your rooms.  Perfect right?  Well, not if you can't stand to sew those little pesky zippers that you may not use but twice.

My solution? 

To Pinterest...or not to Pinterest?

Pin It After hearing all the hype about Pinterest and hearing the days people had lost on their life due to the addiction, I decided to check it out tonight.

My initial thought is - pretty cool.  Everytime you see a photo of something you love on the internet, you can "pin it" to your board.  You create as many different boards, labeling them for your theme, as you need.  In my case, it is awesome since I'm always wondering where I saw that great idea.  One click and you pin the photo to a board on your account.

How to Make a Brand New Table Look Weathered

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A few days ago,  I built the Copy Cat Nesting Table (Large).  Here is the picture of it:

Starting point -

Google Sketch Up

Pin It Last night, I sat down and I read Ana White's tutorial on her website on how to use Google Sketch Up to draw out furniture plans onto a step-by-step cad program.  Ana uses the program to create great tutorials for furniture pieces to make yourself.

Photo courtesy of sketchmodels.blogspot.com

Update on the Stairway Wall Molding

Pin It I finished filling the nail holes, sanding and painting the grid wall on the stairway.  Here is the finished photo with the paint.

DIY Copy Cat Nesting End Table - Part 1

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Last week, I found an awesome finish on the PB website as an inspiration for a narrow end table I built for my family room.  When I started building a second end table for the family room, I decided to do a table similar to the one I saw.

Here is the inspiration piece (unfortunately, the yellow color wouldn't work for my color scheme):

Aged Finish - Narrow DIY End Table

Pin It This weekend, I made this little table to fit at the end of my couch.  In case you missed it, you can find the link here!

Did you see the final photo of the $400 Pottery Barn tables?  Well, I loved the aged finish and loved the yellow.  However, when I sat in my room I realized the yellow wouldn't work for my color scheme of beiges and browns.

Here is what I came up with:

New Molding for the Stairway

Pin It I've been wanting to add square molding to the staircase for some time now.  And today, I did!

I spent several hours removing some old molding, patching, painting the upstairs wall (Behr Cottonseed - the yellow color at the top of the wall) and then installed primed MDF 1x3" boards in a grid pattern.

Here is a preview picture. 

DIY Simple End Table for Small Spaces

Pin It We have end tables that are too tall for our couches.  The tops of the tables are about three or four inches taller than the arm of the couch.  The fact they are tall wouldn't be so bad, except we can see the unfinished back of the table over the arm of the chair.

I measured the arm of the couch and it was only 22" tall.  I think most end tables are 24" tall or taller.

So, I made a little (and narrow) table to fit the needs of my small room.

Here it is without the finish.  Small, narrow and just the right height for my short arm couches.

DIY Rustic Farmhouse Table (Finish)

Pin It Click here for the plans to build this farmhouse table.

New fall decor photo.

When we bought new dining room furniture, we moved the old dining room furniture into the breakfast room.  The huge 54" round table (not to mention the 6 chairs) took up every inch of the small room.

Since I am pretty limited on funds for new furniture right now, I decided to build a new table to fit in the room perfectly.  Not only will it be the right size, but I can build it really sturdy to withstand my autistic son's need to sometimes dance on tables.  :)

I found a great farmhouse table on Ana White's website and altered it to fit my needs.

Here is the finished table (minus the poly):

Red Oak stain on the pine looks rustic and warm.

 First, I cut and built the frame.  Check out Ana's site for plans that can fit your needs.  The frame was made with 2"x4" boards and 4"x4" (pressure treated).  The store had some beautiful 4"x4" cedar boards, but they were 4 times the cost of the pressure treated.  Plus, since the bottom is being painted, I just sanded these smooth and rounded the edges.

Initially, I didn't have the bottom cross brace on the legs.  However, once I added it, it was 100 times more solid and didn't wiggle when I moved the frame across the garage to paint it.

Underneath the table top.  Easier to secure it on the floor.

Here is a picture on the cross boards-

 The base was dry brushed with white paint.

Then I added some colors (dry brushed).  Don't worry about how bright the colors look.  The glaze and final drybrush conceal the bright colors.

Then I dry brushed on a light grey and lighly glazed with a darker color to tone down the bright colors..
The finished look I wanted was to resemble a weathered old board that had been sitting out in the elements for years.

I'm going to poly in the morning and then put it in the breakfast room when it dries.  More pics to come later.

Here is a close up of the dry brushed table leg:

Thanks for visiting. :)