Slow Progress with the Dining Room

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The color change was supposed to be more gray than it turned out.  Even the color said it was Shale "Gray".  However, once I painted the walls, it looked more blue than gray.

Starting point of the dining room.  I had installed a more layered looking crown molding in the kitchen, so I ripped out the crown molding to redo the look. 

Soaked the popcorn ceilings with water and scraped and scraped and inhaled ceiling debris as I removed it.  Such a messy and gross process, but I found after the hard work and a gallon of primer and eggshell paint on the ceiling it looked amazing.  The nine foot ceilings truly looked taller.  The popcorn ceilings and flat paint really lower the height of the room.

Did I mention it was a messy job?

But, after a couple of hours (and a nice arm workout - bonus!)...  Popcorn be gone!!!

I get distracted so easily.  I took a break before priming the ceiling to stain the old wall mirror.

 Here is the painted wall.

Freshened up the white with Behr's Ultra White.

I'll finish the crown molding and add photos of the "finished" room.  But, really?  Is a room ever FINISHED?  Not in my house.

New light fixture I found on

New chairs from Target (and my daughter's messy art project)

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  1. Nanciscruffydog10/16/11, 7:53 AM

    Looks great!!! What a workout!!!
    So you painted the walls & the ceiling the same color gray/blue?

  2. @Nanciscruffydog. Yes, the walls and ceiling are the same color. Thanks :)

  3. I just gotta show my hubby this transformation! We've been living with 8ft. popcorn ceilings for 24 years now. And yes, I really do "get it". The work is tremendous, especially 2700 sq. ft. of it. but honestly, right now I'd be happy to get my family room and kitchen, which share a ceiling done. I think it would stoke us both to finish it up! Love the idea that the ceilings look taller, and would definetely match my ceilings to my walls where ever possible. You did great! Thanks for posting this!

    Teri C