Thank you!

Pin It After three weeks of blogging at The Quaint Cottage, there are now 21 google followers and 48 facebook followers.  More surprisingly to me is the fact that the blog sees an average of 500 page views a day.  So even if you haven't decided to follow yet, I still know you are checking out the blog and leaving such positive comments.  There are so many great people in the blogworld and it has been such a pleasure to connect with several of you.

I started the blog to catalog all of the projects I had been doing around the house.  I should have started it years ago when it was a brand new builder grade house.  The kitchen especially would have been a fun episode to write, but it would have been broken down into 30 installments.  The only thing I didn't do myself in that room was install the countertops.  I'm pretty sure if I worked out for a year, I would still drop one of those slabs on my foot.

Hopefully, no one will grow tired of my ideas or my projects.  Most of all, I hope I can help pass along something I have learned over the years of teaching myself home improvement.  Trust me when I say that I will never run out of projects to show you.  Plus, I still have an entire basement I need to insulate and finish for the kiddos to have a space of their own.

Thank you all for sticking with me while I begin my journey at The Quaint Cottage. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you!  :)

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