New Camera is on the way!

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It's been over a year since my camera broke.  I have been using my iphone for all of my pictures while I tried to decide on a new camera, but the process was slow going.  I think it boiled down to too many choices - is that really a problem?  Well, in my mind I'm thinking it is a big investment and I want something I can use for several years.  But, my budget doesn't want to think that far ahead.  The price ranges, features, functions and quality are endless.  But, I kept going back and forth between my final two selections - Canon Rebel and Olympus Pen.

The Olympus won the battle.  Both Canon and Olympus had very similar features...great features (at least for my needs), but the Olympus was my choice over the Canon for one simple reason - the size.  The Canon was too big to carry around without looking like a tourist.  I figured the Olympus was even small enough to take in my purse to concerts or outdoor events.  Oh, and it had a flash too!  The Canon didn't have one, but I've never liked red eyes and washed out faces on my family anyway :) 

The Olympus is being shipped today and should arrive on Wednesday.  FINALLY, I will take pictures with a camera.  I actually love having my iphone camera, but obviously the quality isn't what a regular camera can achieve.  Although, some of the effects are pretty cool.

Check back next week for some (hopefully) great new pictures!  I'm so excited.  Yay!!!



  1. Jealous! I so want a nicer camera, for my Etsy pics especially! What do you think of the Olympus?

  2. So far, it is amazing. Easy to use and it is smaller than the other cameras I was considering. It has so many little features I'm still learning, but I would recommend it.