Organizing the Basement Workshop

Pin It I spent under $100, but gained several tools, supplies and time by organizing my basement workshop.

Here are a few of the mess - aka The Before:

Added shop lights (which had to be the best improvement in my opinion).  Now I can see where the tools and supplies are located.

Added peg board (it was spray painted black, but started as the drab brown).

Added those little peg board holders.  Note - they are in the closet section of the hardware store, not where they sell the peg board.  Added $1 tubs to the upper shelves to store items too big and bulky for the board.

Now everything has a home and there is room to grow.  I still need to label the bins since I can't remember what is in the 20 bins, but I figure this is a big improvement so far.

Reused old floor tiles from the kids old playroom.  Makes the concrete floor nice when standing for a long time.

Bins underneath all have a theme - electrical, tiling, hardwood flooring, plumbing.  And there is room from some of the tools.  However, once I get the saws and a workbench up in the garage (to keep the sawdust out of the house) this layout may change.

Yay!  And the winner for most productive weekend goes to this project.


  1. at first, I felt like I couldn't breath then by the end it was like a breath of fresh air, lol. Thats OCD for you! :)

  2. It look greats after a very big mess now it was truly beautiful and clean..
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