Sprucing up the Entryway

Pin It I spent a Saturday with a few scrap pieces of wood, new coat hooks (Lowes) and some paint and came up with this:

Here is the starting point inside the front door:

Added 1"x4" strips of wood to the wall.  I used countersunk screws into the studs since I planned on attaching large coat hooks.  It probably wasn't necessary, but with my kids and their fifty pound backpacks it was worth the extra effort.  I filled the holes with wood filler, sanded and primed.

Then used two coats of Ultra White Behr Satin. 

Installed the bronze coat hooks.  I think they were about $3 each.
When visitors come over, they always comment about how interesting it is that I used a door by the front door for my coat hooks.  I didn't plan to make it look like a door, but when I look at it I see how much it does.  Cool!


  1. Like this a lot!

  2. great job. Looks like it was always there. Cozy, functional and attractive.

  3. There is nothing like having hooks where you need them and by the door is the perfect place.

    Thank you for sharing your foyer with us!

  4. Very practical and functional!...Christine

  5. Thank you very much for your kind comments. You guys are so awesome.

  6. Great job! It is so functional and attractive.

  7. Great idea, Karen, and very smart to alternate the heights. I'm sure you've found it practical and good looking!

  8. Susan Rhodes11/11/12, 10:50 PM

    Fantastic idea! You are very handy. Very inspiring...