Copy Cat - Bedside Table

Pin It I found this lovely bedside table on the PB website.  Unfortunately, I don't have $500 right now to buy two to replace my table that are falling apart.

I've come up with a similar version (using the Stratton end table as an inspiration piece).

Cut List:

4 - 1"x2" - 13" Side Trim
4 - 1"x2" - 19" Front & Back Trim
2 - 1"x12" - 13" Side Panels
2 - 1"x12" - 19" Front & Back Panels
4 - 2"x2" - 27 1/4" Legs

2 - 2"x2" - 13" Side Trim (Bottom)
5 - 1"x2" - 19" Bottom Shelf Supports

2 - 1"x10" - 14.5" Bottom Shelf
2 - 1"x10" - 20.5" Table Top
2 - 1"x2" - 19" Side Trim Table Top

2 - 1"x8" - 18" Front & Back of Drawer
2 - 1"x8" - 12" Sides of Drawer
1/4" Plywood for bottom of drawer

Screws, Nails, Drawer Handle, 12" Drawer Slides

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  1. Your table turned out so good! I wish I had your skills, I'd love to make a set of these. Thanks for sharing the awesome step by step pictures.

  2. Looks great! Can't wait to see it finished!

  3. Thank you Angie. I'm really happy with how it turned out.

    Thanks Alexis. I can't decide if I want to keep it white like the inspiration piece or grey. Hope to decide and finish it this week. :)

  4. You're table turned out great! Thanks for such a detailed tutorial.

  5. Thanks Lindsey. The hard part is figuring out how to finish it. :)

  6. good for you!!! that is so awesome that you just made the table! :) i am impressed!

  7. Thanks Cassie. Your sweet comment made me smile. :)

  8. I'm just learning how to build stuff and I'm so excited about this project!!! Can you tell me what tools you used to build this? It looks like you have a Kreg jig, did you need a router for it??

    Thanks for the awesome inspiration!!!

  9. @Anne I did use a Kreg, but you can use finish nails without altering the plan. A router is not necessary, but always adds more character to any piece.