~ Shim Art...Do Over! ~

Pin It Well, after I got the stain on my little shim art project...I had to admit, I was not in love with it.

See the original post here.

Back to the drawing board.  Er, the spray paint board?

Here it is with a coat of primer (better already):

Anyway, I was just outside spray painting a lamp and my shim art project was just sitting there.  Actually, it was calling to me.  "Karen...Karen..."  hahahaha  But, I listened and I think I love the way it looks now.  I could still be high on the spray paint fumes, so final vote won't be until tomorrow.  I'll have to see how it looks inside.  The way it looks now, it might just have to sit on the table (leaning up against the wall) behind the lamp I spray painted.

Here is the "final" (unless I don't love it tomorrow) look:

I think it has just enough texture and rustic appeal.  And the darker stain kind of weighed it down a bit.  My bedroom already has dark furniture, so the accent pieces need to balance all the heavy.


  1. This is an awesome project. Love it! I think I'm going to try it with Pickling and a coffee glaze. And it gives me TONS of ideas for other projects. I can't wait to go get some shims now!

  2. @ae77 I love your idea of the finish. Sounds amazing. :)