Hall Closet Organize

Pin It This horrible mess was known as my coat closet and a place for the kids to throw their board games.  When I say throw, I mean literally - THROW!  It is kind of embarrassing to show it in this condition, but it makes the after so much better.

I am pretty sure there is something living back there.  A huge dust bunny named Damien is my first guess.

Above the shelf was three feet of unused vacant space.

See all of that wasted space?

I had the kids help me clear out the small closet.  They went through the toys and games and eliminated many of those with missing pieces or the ones they no longer used.

I removed the old wire shelf - one single shelf.  Filled the holes and painted the closet.  I'm sure no one will ever care that the closet is painted (except for me), but it looks so much better without the scuff marks.

I installed four shelves up to the top of the closet.  The bottom shelf/coat hanger was just high enough to allow the room for the coats.  I lowered it so the kids could hang their own coats and not throw them on the dining room chairs when they come home from school.

And guess what?  Now that the kiddos can find their games and more importantly put them back...it has stayed clean and organized.  Yay!  Yippeeeeee!
As you can see, now I don't even have enough stuff to fill the upper shelves.  I love it when that happens.

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  1. Nice Job!!! Way to utilize your space!

  2. Can I ask... why did you use wire racks instead of wood shelving?

  3. It is what was there originally and in the rest of the closets. I didn't even think to change to a different material when I changed the closet.

  4. That looks good, what a great job!

  5. These are great ideas in dealing with the organization of our hall closets! These tips are surely helpful in maintaining the order of this storage space at home. Thanks for sharing.