Recipe - Potato Soup

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When ever fall approaches, I always get the urge to cook, bake and create things in the kitchen.  Today I woke up to grey and gloomy skies with mild temperatures, so instead of hitting the hardware store, I hit the grocery store.

Here is my simple recipe for Potato Soup.

5 pounds potatoes
1 cup of carrots (cut how you like, sometimes I shred, sometimes little circles)
1 cup of onion (diced)
2 cups of celery (cut how you like, slided or diced)
1/2 gallon whole milk
5 Teaspoons Butter
2 tablespoons flour
salt & pepper (use as little or as much as you like to taste)
bacon bits (or turkey bacon bits)

Cook 12-15 slices of bacon.

Peel, cube and boil the potatoes in a large pot until you can break one in half with your fork (approximately 20 minutes, but it depends on the size of your potato cubes.

While that is cooking, cook the onions and celery in the remaining bacon grease with salt and pepper (adds a bit of the flavor).  Cook until tender.

When the potatoes are finished, drain them and leave in the strainer while you melt the butter in the large pot (do this without heat from the burner, the pan should still be warm enough to melt the butter).  Slowly mix in the flour and blend completely before you add more.

Set the pot back onto the stove on a lower setting.  Gradually add the milk to the flour/butter.  The slower you add the milk, the less likely you will have clumping bits of flour. 

Add the potatoes back to the pot and carefully lower them into the milk.  Add the celery/onion mixture and carrots to the pot.  You will simmer these for about twenty minutes until it starts to thicken.  If you don't use whole milk, you may need to cook longer or adjust more flour.  Keep an eye on your pot and stir a few times while it simmers.

Serve with bacon bits as a topping.

This recipe makes about 12 servings.

Take that cold weather!  We have warm soup :)



  1. Sounds great, we love potato soup but 5 pounds of potatoes? how much does it make?

  2. We have a big family. It makes a large pot, about 12 servings. I guess I should have added that so you could know how much to cut it down to suit your needs.