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The last few weeks, facebook had the blue end table (below) on the side of my page advertising a website that sells furniture. 

How did facebook know I would really like it?

Well, I did.

I went onto the website to check out their products and fell in love.  However, there were problems. 
 A) Most of the pieces I liked were sold out and B) Many of the pieces were several hundred dollars. 
I tried to PIN the stuff I liked onto Pinterest, but their website did not allow such activities.  :( 

Anyway, you can check these out at

Aren't these distressed pieces amazing?  Too bad they were sold out...I may just need to use these as inspiration pieces and create some of my own.

So, to answer the question.  Yes, I posted these here so I could pin them for future reference.  I hope it isn't a problem?  :)

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