I {heart} my new food dehydrator!

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Off the subject of the half bath for a moment....  Here is a random post.

I've recently discovered the art of dehydrating food.  Okay, it may not be an art, but it's pretty cool.  I've only made jerky, apple chips and banana chips, but I am going to test fruit roll ups this weekend.  I love this little machine!!!!

The fruit obviously takes much longer than the jerky because of the liquid content, but the jerky is ready to go in about 4 hours.  All you do is mix the seasoning with the meat and squeeze through the gun.  How easy is that?  I'm planning on making a large batch of goodies for our upcoming road trip to the beach.

My co-worker also decided to buy one and she has made her own spicy red pepper seasoning.

Why did it take me so long to test one of these wonderful machines?  My whole family loves eating jerky, but it is so expensive and packed full of preservatives.  Now we make our own with the jerky gun (yes, there is such a thing) and jerky seasoning (which I made have to make my own some day).

I've even found dog treat recipes for the dehydrator!  Actually, I may need to make Max some of those because right now when he smells the jerky he barks at me to give him some. 

Do you have a dehydrator?  What type of stuff do you make with yours?

I'm adding the links to the items I purchased if you are curious.  This isn't a sponsored ad post, just sharing what I found.  :)






  1. Cool!!!! I have one but I got it at a garage sale and it didn't come with instructions and no gun for sure. I guess I should get it out now that I have someone to ask that's actually got one! LOL! I remember having Teriyaki jerky one time and it was my favorite! Thanks for the post...I want to get mine out now and try it. I guess I can just keep checking and see how things go? Is there any prep to be done or do you just put fruit slices on there and go. I figure I'll try the banana and apple thing first like you did. I'm excited now! If the dang thing works I may have to look into that "jerky gun"! You go girl!

  2. Karen thanks so much for posting this! I have been shopping for a new dehydrator (I have a cheap Wal Mart one I use right now and want to "step up"). I use mine mostly to make chicken strips for my dogs-just slice the chicken and pop it in. It takes 8-12 hours to dry in the dehydrator I have right now!
    I am anxious to try drying fruit/veggies, etc to have on hand and to put in my Hurricane supplies.
    Thanks again for the post!

  3. @Sam I Am...... Ohh, a garage sale find? Awesome! I will keep you posted if I make those fruit roll ups and they taste good. :)

  4. @A Pretty Pastime I wanted to try chicken for myself, but hubs thinks it would be too dry. I guess I can try it and if I don't like it the dog can have a treat.