Stacked Baseboards

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As I try to waste time this morning to avoid going in the garage to build the bookcase for the half bath, I'd thought I'd answer one of the emails I received from a reader.

I've lived in this house for over ten years.  According to my master plan when I moved in, I should have completely been finished with all my remodel projects by now....finished the basement and possibly have an in-ground pool.  However, when I tend to remodel over and over until I think I've got it right things take a bit longer than I plan.  The only thing I have going for me is my overwhelming need to keep the structure as classic as I can.

By classic, I'm referring to the oak wood floors, trims & molding, windows, doors, etc.  The "structure" things you shouldn't really need to change when you remodel a room around a new comforter you purchase.  Classic white trim and oak wood floors (in my eyes and heart) will always be in style.

A reader spotted these baseboards in a photo of an end table I did last year.

Hallway to family room from front door

When I started installing the 2000+/- square feet of wood floors about three or four years into living here, I was sitting on the couch with a Pottery Barn catalog on my lap.  I don't have it anymore or I'd show you the picture of the inspiration.  While flipping through it I saw one of their beautiful pieces of furniture, but that isn't what caught my eye.  It was the stacked baseboard behind it.  I had to have sat there for an hour trying to figure out how to recreate those same baseboards.  But the thing that kept halting me was the fact their baseboards looked like a 1x12 board routed with beautiful grooves to create a piece of art.

Then, I set down the catalog and headed to my hardware store for therapy (Yes, I like to hang out in the lumber section to clear my head.  Some girls shoe shop, I buy lumber.  Don't judge).  I started picking up pieces of trim molding and inspecting them.  I brought home about five different pieces and began to create.


But, when the dust settled, this is what I ended up doing.

1 - Top piece 1 1/4" Picture molding
2 - Middle piece 1" framed rope molding
3 - 5" baseboard (which I'm certain you could create with two separate pieces)

Unfortunately, it was BB (before blog) so I don't remember item numbers, prices, etc.  But, if you have read this blog before you know I'm all about creating something special on a very thrifty budget.  I wouldn't have bought the high end $5 a linear foot stuff.  When I win the lottery (because I will someday, I just know it) I will probably still have the same need to recreate things on a budget I will just have way more time to do it.

I measured 11.5" up from the floor (same as a 1x12" piece of lumber) marked around the room with my tape measure and level and installed the picture molding.  Then I marked 8" up and repeated the process with the framed rope pieces.  Then I installed the baseboards.  I don't think it matters if you start at the top or the bottom.

Then, caulk, prime and paint.  I do remember the day I painted mine I had the Cardinal v Brewer game on in the background.  It was hard to pay attention to cutting in with the distraction.

Front Living Room

I still have some requests to see the kitchen (which was also a total gut before the blog).  I haven't forgotten.

Have a great day!!!


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  1. Love it! It's great inspiration.

  2. Oh, those baseboards are beautiful! I have been pouring over your blog and past posts and did some investigating on the Kreg system and there are several. Can you recommend which one would be good for a beginning woodworker? I want to do DIY stuff around the house basically like you. Right now I'm planning on moving so I won't be customizing this house much but I will be down the road as I plan on getting a "fixer upper" old farmhouse. I love all your projects and like you I would rather hang out at the hardware store and lumber yard plus I have always been a; I read, search the internet, blog etc. to learn things and your blog has been wonderful! Thank you!

  3. Gorgeous! Although, I'm blind as a bat and had to look three or four times (well, maybe six...) to see that you had painted the wall between the moldings. Beautiful and cheap -- awesome!

  4. So great! I too stroll around lumber yards spying out the best wood they have. Your baseboards look fab. Great job.

  5. Love it! What a wonderful job you have done.

  6. @Sam I Am...... Hi there. I bought the $99 Kreg System (sold on Amazon as K4). If you plan on building cabinets and bookshelves, you should probably invest in the $140 system that comes with the angle clamps. I wish I would have, but you can always buy later like I'm going to do.

  7. @Laurie haha. Maybe that means it is a success since you couldn't tell? Thanks!

  8. Beautiful job, Karen! I have the extra trim to do something similar in our family room (got the base put in). Love the detail in yours! Great job! Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. @DIY Show Off Thanks Roeshel! Love your blog, can't wait to see your finished baseboards.

  10. This is a GREAT idea!!! We are suppose to re-do our baseboards soon! I'm sooo going to try this!

    You better be planning on sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!! Please!!

  11. Hi Karen,

    Your baseboard and flooring caught my eye because we just laid oak hardwood in our family room and installed the baseboard trim. We've been working on this room for a while. And I agree with your postion of 'anything permenant should be classic.'

    I followed you over from the 36th Ave linky party. I would love for you stop by my blog and check out DIY projects.

    Thanks for sharing,

  12. That looks so professional. I have no words for it but 'beautiful'! Come link it up at our linky party and show it off!

  13. Thank you all for such kind comments. I am so glad you like the baseboard idea.

  14. Just saw the picture of your baseboards on Pinterest. Wow, I pinned this too and would love to do this. Okay, have someone do this...wish I had your talent with the saw and measuring tape. Fantastic job. New follower.