Half bath Bookshelf - Installed

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Last week I posted on facebook and twitter a picture of the bookshelf I was working on to install in the half bath.  Part of the post was just me whining about painint it because I do that.

Well, I broke down and bought a paint gun....and I didn't use it!!  What?!

I read the directions and it said to use when temperatures were between 45-90 degrees.  Working in the garage, the temps get much hotter than 90 degrees when the regular temperature is 90, so I didn't use it.

After I started priming this piece, I realized I didn't have enough anyway.  As you will see in the bottom photo, I made it about seven feet up and ran out.

So now in addition to finishing the priming and caulking, I need to paint it.  But, with the help of the hubby I was able to squeeze this huge thing into the small half bath and install it.  Then I added a little cubbie up top to give it more of a built in look.

I just threw some goodies on the shelf for now to see how it would work.

Almost finished with the room.

Have a great week!



  1. I can't really tell from the picture but did you trim the baseboard or notch out the bottom of the shelf to make it fit flush against the wall? It looks beautiful! Love that it goes all the way to the ceiling.

  2. I cut the baseboard out of the area where the bookshelf is. Thanks! I can't wait to finish it.