Half Bath Update

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Well, two weeks of life getting in the way of the home improvement projects really sets me back.

First, the Saint Louis area was hit with a couple of rounds of hail storms.  We were very lucky and didn't get the golf ball + sized hail, but we still had some damage to our roof.  We will be getting a new roof next week courtesy of our insurance company.  Yay! 

Then, our condensing unit and a-coil died just when the temperatures were a steady 90 degrees.  It doesn't bother me too much, but my children claimed they could possibly die from the heat.  Poor babies!  Needless to say, they spent a lot of time in the sprinkler and stationed in front of the fans in the house.  The day we had the new one installed the temperatures returned to a more seasonable 72 degrees.

Last weekend, we were able to witness a gorgeous Super Moon.  Sadly, I only had my iphone handy to snap a photo, but hopefully you were able to witness it in person.

Since the house was a sauna for about a week, I couldn't work on the half bath.  1)  Couldn't install the rest of the paneling when the wood is swollen from the humidty.  2)  Couldn't paint the already installed paneling because it never would have dried.

Finally, this weekend I jumped back into the project.

Here is the little room with the completed primed paneling.




Now you see the popcorn, now you don't :)
I promised the hubs I would build the vanity and install the sink next weekend.  Stay tuned to see what I make.  Have a great week! 



  1. Nothing makes me smile more than white painted paneled walls :)

  2. It looks gorgeous so far!!!

    If you don't mind my asking...how did you attach the paneling to the ceiling? I have textured ceilings and want to install beadboard in my bathroom but wasn't sure it was going to have to sand it down for a better adhesion?

  3. @. In the laundry room where I added paneling 4x8 sheets I used liquid nail and finish nails. In here with the strips of paneling I only used finish nails on the joists and it holds perfect over the popcorn.