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This is a quick post to show the direction I'm heading with my current project. 

Presenting.....my inspiration for the little half bath remodel. 

Currently, the room is a party of blah beiges - beige floor and beige walls & ceiling...Do you hear the big YAWN?! 

I'm hoping by adding the overhead light, along with the crisp white bookshelf and white plank wall & ceiling it will brighten the room a bit.

I'll be building the small bookcase and the rustic vanity to save money and get the exact size I need, but I'm still on the lookout for a vintage door.  I'll head to the Habitat Restore next weekend if I can't find one on Craiglist before then.

For now, I'm waiting for the planks adjust to the house temps/humidity and for the sink to arrive from Overstock.  While I wait, I'll draw up the plans for the two items I need to build and create a frame to reuse the current oval shaped mirror.

Stay with me.  Tons of good stuff to come.

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