Road Block on Dining Room

Pin It Last week, I made a little inspiration board for my new dining room that will be converted into a library/office. 

On the board, there were these two tall, rustic, glass door bookcases that I thought set the mood for the whole room.   

Here is a closer look.

Then I found out where these bookcases could be purchased and knew I couldn't afford to buy one ($1800), let alone two.  So out of my budget.  Big old Sad Face everyone :(:(:(  

Although, now a $600 Orb Light I saw on Restoration Hardware doesn't sound so expensive.

Of course, then I set to pricing the hardware (Cremone Bolts) so I could replicate my own bookcases.  Ouch!!!  Those bolt prices ($175 and up for one) could explain the price of the bookcases.

Source - $420 bolts
 Long story short - While I was searching for affordable Cremore Bolts, I think I found a way to recreate these cabinets, with a similar look for a fraction of the $175+++ bolts.

I see a tutorial in the works for some rustic bookcases, don't you? 

Until then I just need to post some of my current furniture on Craigslist to make room for the new stuff. 

Karen :)


  1. Hey Karen, I have a brilliant idea for you!!! How about using an Ikea Hemnes glass door cabinet & chalk paint & adding trim detail around the legs to get the same look as your inspiration piece for a fraction of the cost?? Here's the cabinet I mean:

    Where there's a will, there's a way! :)


  2. @Anne Oh, I shall dream of a day when we have an IKEA in this town. I love your idea tho! :)

  3. Have you looked at the catalog called Home Decorators? They have lots of book cases and lighting at reasonable prices. Here is a link