Inexpensive Window Hardware

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Today I did some simple curtains for the laundry room and hung them.

However, when I was shopping for curtain rods and hardware I was a bit shocked at the prices.  For a small window like this one, it was going to cost anywhere from $50 on up for simple hardware  ($20 for brackets and $30 for the rod). 

As I was trying to play off the industrial metal backsplash, silver cabinet handles and the metal accents I put down the curtain hardware and decided to check out the plumbing section of the hardware store.

Until I found this...

It looks like curtain hardware to me.  Here are the product packages for anyone who is interested.  The flange and split ring hanger are in the plumbing section, the threaded rod is in the screws and bolts section. 

Then add your favorite conduit or spray painted wood dowel.

They even have pipe end pieces to add for finials, but I wanted this simple look.
Here is my new $10 curtain rod, including the hardware. 
The little clips were another $5.

What do you think?  Would you use plumbing for your window hardware?
I like it so much I may use it in my upstairs hallway (spray painted oil rubbed bronze).

Karen :)


  1. What a fantastic idea! I have also been frustrated before with the cost of a curtain rod...and this is a wonderful way to avoiding a high cost redo. The curtains look fantastic. Megan

  2. Awesome idea! Love the industrial look of this.

  3. @Anne Thank you so much for all your sweet comments Anne! :):):)

  4. Yes, ma'am, I would and have. Plus, usually conduit is a little sturdier and won't bend under the weight of heavy curtains!
    I love the juxtaposition of your floral curtains with an industrial-looking rod. Good stuff.

  5. Why your a gal after my own heart!Im all about the DIY on a dime AND the power tools:) LOVE your blog and your ideas SLAMMIN!!! Im following you stop over and chat and maybe follow me too,Deidre~

  6. Karen I am so excited to try your hardware curtain rods! What a great idea! I also find that current curtain rods and accessories are way more than I want to pay too! I just renovated by bedroom and want to try this in there. Thanks for all your inspiration and ideas! By the way, I am a new viewer to you blog and so happy to have stumbled upon you! Keep up the good work!


  7. This is awesome!! So beautiful:)

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  9. I can't find split ring hanger and ceiling flange like yours in Taiwan, so poor. There are some similar but the
    style are ugly.