Simple Fix for Furniture Backing

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These little guys can help your furniture.

Yeah, yeah.  I know they say right there on the box they are for carpet.  But, wait!  Check out how to do a quick fix on your furniture.

Have you ever moved a heavy piece of furniture (especially across a carpeted room) and the backing comes loose?  If you are like me, your first thought is - "Who Cares?", it will just be smushed up against the wall.

As crazy as it sounds, that cheap, thin backing does more than just cover the back.  In most cases, it does help keep your furniture in one piece and square.

While I was moving those tall pantry cabinets to my garage yesterday by myself and I noticed one of the backings was coming off.  Since I used these on several projects to attach thin lauan to furniture, I grabbed the pack and fixed the cabinet in just about thirty seconds.

Next time you are rearranging your furniture, be sure to keep a small packet of these carpet tacks in your junk drawer, right next to the small nails you use to hang pictures.

Go from this....

To this...

How crazy does it sound to feel like you accomplished something just by tapping a few tacks on the back of furniture?

Have a great week!

Karen :)


  1. Great words to have from you. Loved your work and your ideas. It can really help me because, I have some old furniture and needed to be fixed. I hope after fixing it will be match well with my existing white furniture and make my room more lovely.

  2. Thanks for these tips on how to fix furniture. I can't get a furniture financing for bad credit that's why I choose to repair my damaged furniture on my own.