Prep Work for Fun Wall Accent

Pin It Tonight (while the last box of wood floor acclimates to the house) I prepped a fun accent wall in my son's room. I was going to paint stripes or circles, but I wanted to try something a bit different.

Do you like the before picture?  Obviously it takes many tries to find the right color.
 While looking in the Restoration Hardware children catalog last week for new bedding, I found this cool drop cloth accent wall piece. I thought it would look amazing in my son's room. However, we have to think and rethink everything we do in his room due to his autism. If we hang something like this on his wall, chances are very likely he will have it ripped off in less than an hour. He has a funny little habit of collecting all the pillows, blankets and sometimes curtains from around our house.

Restoration Hardware Photo

Instead, I am going to design a wall accent like this with paint I already have on hand. Since it will be attached to the wall, he can't remove it.

Tonight (even though it is pitch black outside at dinnertime) I was able to drag myself from the warm couch and painted a square on the wall with the left over paint from the other boy room I just finished.

Tomorrow night I'll draw out the pattern and paint the first color. I have almost every color of the rainbow of paints, so the hardest part will be picking which colors to use.  Hmmmm, now that I'm looking at the inspiration photo...maybe I should have used the beige colors. 

Thoughts? Have you painted a fun accent wall? 


  1. I love the design! I'm thinking about doing a dandelion on our 1/2 bath wall. I found a tutorial here...

    quite a few months ago and haven't even come close to finding the time.
    I love that you included your reasoning for not doing a wall hanging. I have anywhere from 2 - 5 kids in the house on any given day of the week. I scrap project ideas all the time based on that fact!

  2. @aee77 Thank you. The dandelion looks kind of neat. I like the pale colors, so springtime and happy.