Happy Dance!!! All the flooring is complete.

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Let's look back at my list of things to do LAST weekend....seven days later, it still isn't finished.

Checklist - Phase 1:
Scrape all popcorn ceiling (3 rooms)
Install hardwood floors (only room #2 left to do this weekend)
Paint all rooms (only room #2 left to do this weekend)
Baseboards and trim for rooms #2 & #4
Install new closet door guides on floor
Reinstall closet doors
Build 2 Bed Frames for older boys
Prime and paint bed frames for older boys (need a second coat)

Although I wanted to have phase one finished last weekend, I'd run into a few other tasks around the house that needed my attention and I couldn't focus solely on my list. I should know nothing ever goes to MY plan. Especially since I have no real concept of time. I always think everything will take 5 minutes.  Those DIY shows can build an entire room in 30 minutes, I should be able to do a simple list over a weekend - RIGHT?

Anyway, I was thrilled to put the last piece of hardwood floor into place this weekend. I mentally did a happy dance.  I didn't have the energy to actually do it. :)

Good news - I already have the baseboards in my garage painted. So, that last item on the list is halfway there.

Here is what happened this weekend:
Final Closet - Complete and waiting for the baseboards.

Slight hour+ delay. 
There was a warped board in the second row to last row, so I had to pull up two rows and start over. 
As I was enjoying that little fun event, I found a wall full of drywall pieces where the builder must have had to do a repair.  Instead of throwing away the section of drywall he decided to add it into the wall.   
While I was over there, I marked the wall where the pipes and the metal plates were on the wall so I know where to nail the baseboards.
Shopped to find the little cubbies and bedding for the older boys.

All rooms had the closet doors (and new guides) reinstalled.
Even if I can't do everything I plan, I'm still pleased with myself for knocking things off the list.  Hmmm, I wonder now if I could have finished if I would have used my time to install the baseboards instead of baking two batches of cookies for the kiddos?  We will never know.

I'd love to install the baseboards in the evenings this week after work, but we will see how that goes.

I hope you had a fun weekend!  Stay tuned for more updates on the rooms and the final four simple wood projects I'm getting back to doing this month.

Karen :)


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