Master Bath Remodel Update - Classic Chrome Hardware

Pin It There is one thing very difficult when remodeling the bathroom.  Choosing a finish for all of the metals.  

Did I want it to be a new trendy finish?

Martha Stewart Living 3 in. (76mm) Bedford Brass Awning Cup Pull
Brass Hardware

For starters, I'm not really over the brass trends of the 90's.  Even if it is beautiful and they call it "Gold" now, it is still similar to the brass hardware I'm still wanting to change out on my door handles throughout the house.  See?  If you are slow enough on your home improvement projects, eventually, it's on trend again.  Voting "NO" on the gold.

A popular finish available at the home improvement stores that I could match everything?

Atlas Homewares 3 in. Bronte Collection Brushed Nickel Pull
Brushed Nickel Hardware

Brushed pewter, nickel, silver hardware.  Again, it's pretty and I would be able to find everything to match.  However, some of the manufacturers have different ideas of "brushed" textures and some of the nickels I saw were different colors.  

Something eclectic where you use a combination of finishes?

Mixed Metals (faucets & hardware)

Link to source

And my brain (OCD/Anal Retentive/Very Annoying Brain) wouldn't even allow me to entertain the idea of mixing Oil Rubbed Bronze with Gold and Silver.  I think that kind of decorating is reserved for the folks who don't have the need to have the volume on the tv/radio set on an even number, who can get $9.99 of gas and who can have open window open all the way and one only halfway.  Not for me.

Long story short, I selected...

I found these on  They are solid and really complement the square rectangle theme that seems to be happening with the door fronts and sinks.

Here are a few more pictures of the handles.

 Check back soon for more Master Bathroom Updates!!


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