DIY Vanity Sink Base

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When I started planning my mini half bath make over, I came up with this inspiration board.

As you can see, I installed the white plank wall and ceiling.  I added the barn light.  And painted the walls the Light French Gray.  Here is how far this room has come so far.

Now, I needed a vanity upon which to set the white square sink.  I spotted this sink/vanity combe at Pottery Barn and thought it was beautiful.  However, it was way out of my budget.  Remember, this project began with just the need to repaint the room.

Here is a picture of the inspiration piece:

Here is a view of the sink top (which I found at  I found the cute little soap pump at Target and the faucet at Lowes.

Here is how I built the base:

I used cedar to make the legs and the cross supports, cedar fence post tops for the feet and 1x11.5 utility shelving (which was more rustic, cheaper and aged looking than the pine or white wood).

I would suggest (if you don't mind the reduced height) to cut the 8' cedar 4x4 into 4 equal pieces for the legs to save $$$.  I had to cut 3 legs on one 8' piece and the 4th on another.  I will use the extra wood for another project, but I thought of it after I already made my cuts.  You can make up the difference with taller feet or chunkier top.

Cut List -
4 - 4x4 26" (legs) may need to adjust for the sink height
4 4" feet
6 - 2x2 13" (sides)
2 - 1x12 13" (sides)
5 - 2x2 21" (front and back)
1 - 1x12 21" (front)
2 - 1x12 16" (bottom shelf)
1 - 2x2 16" (bottom shelf center)
2 - 1x12 30" (top)

First, I assembled the two sides by attaching the pieces and face to the legs.
After the two sides were built, I attached the front three support pieces and the two back supports.

Attach the top pieces to the frame of the base with "L" brackets.  Once you find the position you like for the sink, mark the openings for the drain and the supply lines.

Attach feet and front piece.  I made a small "U" shaped drawer to allow a spot for the drain.

The overall height for the sink base is 30.75" and with the sink it is about 36".  Make necessary adjustments depending on your sink and the height you require.

Sink & Drain - $150

I still need to build the small bookcase for the corner of the room and refashion the mirror that used to hang in the room.  Also, I still want to find a new (old) door.

Have a great week!!!


  1. What a beautiful job you've done with your vanity. It looks fantastic with the sink you chose too. Megan

  2. Super cute! That would make a fabulous nightstand as well - great job!

  3. I like your vanity better than the pricey version!! Honest, I do. Your tiny bathroom looks almost as small as mine--floor is 5X5. If you find a barn door in your budget, let me know if there's more, PLEASE. I have to widen the bath door to allow my w/c through. We only need a few inches so if we took out the door there and it's casing, we might make it, but there's wiring in the wall so a pocket door would be very costly. A barn style slider would be a conversation piece as well as a problem solver. Janet

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  4. @craftythriftydecoratingwifemom I hope I can find the right kind of door to work for the room. If not, I have an idea. I'll keep you posted as to what happens.

  5. What great projects you have!! Love this vanity!
    New followers via Tip Junkie!

  6. That's fun! I love the rustic paired with sleek white. Great job!

  7. Wow! I love that! And the fact you made it yourself is really impressive.. i figured you had just cut down an old bookshelf.. that is fantastic! Nice job!

  8. @Kim (TheMoney-Pit) Awww, thanks!!! I'm never lucky enough (or have the time) to find great items at thrift stores or craigslist to make over, so I usually have to make my own.

  9. Just found your blog & it's great. I love your bathroom, especially your vanity and plank wall/ceiling. Would you please share your source for the planks. Thanks much.

  10. @jerri Planks were purchased at Lowe's - Ever True brand. I believe there are 6 (8') pieces in each pack (14sf). These were the stainable/paintable wood ones for about $10/pack.

  11. Karen~you inspire me!! Thanks!!

    Also, I would love to see what the U shaped drawer looks like.

  12. @Cathy K Thanks Cathy! I just added a photo of the drawer.

  13. Karen, you are so unbelievably talented! I can't believe this isn't your full-time job; maybe someday it will be ;-)

    Would you mind posting a link of the Kreg that you have? I googled it and was a little overwhelmed by all of the different options that came up.

    Thank you!


  14. @Liz Hi Liz, I appreciate your kind words! The Kreg I bought was the $99 version. I think I got it at Amazon (listed as the K4). However, those angle clamps seem like a good idea in the more expensive set. If you are going to be building bookcases, cabinets, etc. it may be a good idea to get the $140 kit to include a few of the extras. I wish I had thought ahead.

  15. Great work - it looks fantastic and really professional. Visiting from SITS :)

  16. What a great job. I like your sink better than the PB vanity. I would love if you came and linked up some of your great posts to my link party @ Show Off Monday on Kampen Lane.


  17. @Rachel Cotterill Thanks for stopping by Rachel and for you kind words.

  18. This is absolutely FABULOUS!!!!!!!!! I HAVE to show this to my hubby.. I WANT IT!

    I sure hope you're planning on sharing this at The DIY Dreamer.. From Dream To Reality!

  19. This is great! Your tutorial is great! I'm your newest follower!

  20. "Remember, this project began with just the need to repaint the room."

    Don't they all start that way?

  21. This looks amazing!! (Found it on Pinterest.) I just bought a Kreg Jig last week, and I'm so excited to start putting it to use making stuff like this. Thanks so much for the inspiration!

  22. @Kristi @ Addicted 2 Decorating Hey Kristi, congrats on the Kreg. You will wonder how you ever functioned without it. Have fun!

  23. What stain did you use? I love it! Thanks!

  24. Hi Karen,
    I'm stopping by to say thanks for sharing this project and to share my result.


  25. Hi Karen,
    How did you attach the wood braces to the 4x4 posts? I don't see any nails or brackets? I'm looking to start this project!

  26. Hi Karen,
    How did you attach the wood supports to the 4x4s? I don't see any nails or brackets? Thanks!

  27. Your vanity is exactly what I am looking for. After being on the net all day looking at over priced cabinets, I found you in Pinterest. I also have a small area for a vanity. The manufacturer of my mobile home have a design flaw in my bathroom. The cabinet top of my sink extends or the top of the toilet. In order to fix the inner workings of the toilet you have to pull the whole thing off the floor to replace a float in the tank. Brilliant! This behemoth is coming out and I am going to follow your plans. Hope this works, wish me luck!