Test Drive

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Remember a week or two ago when I decided I wanted to switch my dining room into an office/library?

Well, I decided to shop the furniture in my own house to temporarily set up the space as I wanted it.  A test drive to see if it would work and if I liked it as an office.  I must admit, even with it just set up as a temporary space, I LOVE IT!  I love having a spot for my daughter to color and then put her supplies away in the cabinet.  I love having a room where I can hide my sewing machines and fabrics and bring them out when I want to create.  I love having a spot for my stuff. 

It's a Woman Cave!

The dresser/buffet was the spot where I plan on having a credenza, so I didn't have to change that.  I've been shopping on Craigslist every night for a buffet/credenza, but the prices are ridiculous.  To those ladies who find garage sale, roadside rescues and Craigslist finds for under $100, I tip my hat to you!  I'm going to have to build what I need.

I moved the dining room table against the wall as a place for the desk.  Put a chair on either side of the desk.  Obviously, this table is too big for a desk, but it will work for now.

I moved that huge black bookshelf unit into the room as a spaceholder for the future bookshelves/cabinets.  It has been sitting in the front living room for about a year without a purpose.  I thought about revamping the black bookshelf unit with chalkpaint and a barnwood look on the back, but it is just too deep for the space.  I think I am going to need to list it on Craigslist.

I still need to finish the crown molding and repaint in a lighter color, but luckily I'll be able to shorten this light to use it during the changes until I find the awesome Orb Light.

So there you have it.  I took a test drive with items I already had in my house and I liked it.

Stay tuned for posts this weekend on the half bath.



  1. You're breaking the rules, lady, and I LIKE it! It drives me batty when designers and realtors on HGTV diss ceiling fans and or eliminating a formal dining room, etc. Some of us are planning on LIVING in our homes and need it to work for us! Makes me jealous cause I never had a formal dining room to turn into a fabulous office! :)

  2. @Julia Hayes hahaha! Your post made me giggle. Thanks for that. I agree about the ceiling fans being a complete eye sore, but I can not sleep without one.