Half Bath Plank Wall

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Today I finished the plank wall in the half bath, installed a new light and connected the new ceiling light.  I really love how it turned out so far.

Here are a few pictures of the starting point for this room:

I removed the old mirror and vanity...Yes, the builder didn't build that wall straight.  So, what did they do to make the original vanity flush to the wall?  Cut a hole for it.  I found that a few years ago when I changed the vanity and luckily, the new one covered their mess.

Then, I began running rows of the planking.  I used the individual unpainted pieces this time and I LOVE THEM!!!  I totally ditched my original plan for the ceiling to use the plank looking paneling like I did in the laundry room/pantry when I saw how amazing this wall looked when it was finished.

Look at the wall now.  No more holes.  Now you see them, now you don't.

And here is that new barn light I found at Lowe's for $25.  What a steal.

And here is a picture of both new lights and they work.

Remember the popcorn ceiling?

It will soon be a memory.  Now I just need to buy a couple more packs of the planks to finish the ceiling this week and trim it out.

I'll be finishing up the ceiling, prepping and priming the wood this week.  Then working on the new vanity I'm building and bookshelf for the corner.
Have a great week!  I'll be posting the Kreg winner on Tuesday and announcing a new giveaway at the end of the week.



  1. I left a comment on this post the day it was posted, saying how great it looked. Since it disappeared, I'll say it again. It looks great!

  2. @Susan Thank you Susan! I wonder what happened to your first comment... I appreciate you taking the time to post it again so I could read it. :)

  3. Beautiful! I just did beadboard on the ceiling and so I totally agree with you.. it is so much better than popcorn!

  4. Hey Karen,

    I'd like to do the walls in my laundry room the same way you did this wall. I've been looking up tutorials online and some of them mention putting "furring" (I don't even really know what this is!) on the walls to attach the panels to. Did you do that, or did you attach the panels directly to the drywall?

    Also, how much space did you leave between your ceiling and the first panel, and then the end of the panel and corner of the wall?

    I absolutely love the way your bathroom wall turned out and I hope I can recreate it!


  5. @Liz I believe furring strips would be used to level out a wall or to secure the panels to a concrete wall. I have stud/drywall walls so I nailed the boards to the studs. You can adhere the panels to the drywall with liquid nail, but that will make for a huge mess if you ever want to change the look.

    I started from the baseboard and worked my way up. There was a small gap at the top, so I just used a small 1x2 to trim the top to the ceiling. I butted the panel pieces up to the corners so there were no gaps along the edges.

    I hope this helps.

  6. @Karen @ The Quaint Cottage

    Thank you SO much, Karen. That helps a lot!