Bookcase Makeover Idea

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Ballard Design
I just saw the most beautiful bookshelf for a home office on Ballard Design's facebook page today and it got me rethinking my quick decision to sell/donate my current space holder bookshelf unit.

When I previously posted about setting up my dining room with furniture I found around the house, I quickly dismissed this HUUUUUGE bookcase as a "must get rid of and make a new piece" item.

I thought about grabbing chalkpaint and adding different paneling for the backs...but I also thought it was just too big so this space.  Maybe it isn't the fact that it is too big, maybe the large wall of black color is making it seem like it takes over the space.

I'm thinking if I remove those two large doors and add shelves (it is currently open space for a television), paint the entire cabinet and add a different back panel, it just may work.

I would love to revamp those lower doors so I can keep my sewing machines tucked away, but I think removing them will open the space more.  Plus, I can always store them in the buffet (when I find the perfect one).

What would you do?

I welcome your feedback.



  1. you have the perfect bookcase for doing it! it will look great :)

  2. I think that piece would be the perfect solution!! Megan

  3. I just painted my wood bookcases with white chalk paint & I would never go back!

  4. Nice work Anne!

    Thanks Megan & Christina. I'm gonna give it a try and see.

  5. That piece would look fantastic in white! Have you thought about doing wallpaper in the back of the bookshelves?

  6. I'd paint it white, just like the inspiration photo. It's a beautiful piece, I'd definitely keep it.

  7. Wow! Perfect timing. I have a similar 3 part unit and have been trying to decide what to do with it. I have been thinking about removing the backs and replacing it with bead board. I love the color of the bookcase from Ballard Design and I think the lighter color won't make it seem so huge.

  8. I stumbled across your blog and I'm so glad I did...I love it. I'm your newest follower!