Pantry and Laundry Update

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And here is where I stopped last night...

So last night I had to throw everything back into the new cabinets to clear off the counters and floors for the morning of getting back to school and work.  Also, I had to bring the tall pantry cabinets back into the room until I can clear up a spot in the workshop for them.

Even though it may look worse the the starting point from yesterday, trust me when I say it is improving the use of the space so much with all these cabinets.  I mean - LOOK AT ALL THAT STORAGE!!!  I brought those tall cabinets back in, but they are empty.  All my stuff fits in the cabinets and the cabinets aren't even close to being full.  See the completely empty one at the end on the top?

But, so much more to do:
1) Find wire or build wood baskets for small boxes and snack bags (I used a basket for the cereal bags and I love the look. You can see it over the cheezit box in the center.)
2) Find or build storage for canned goods
3) Take tall cabinets to garage and install base cabinets below
4) Install Butcher block counter tops
5) Plank ceiling - As you can see the ceiling is painted popcorn which is so much worse than plain popcorn.
6) Ceiling moldings
7) Either install two more cabinets in the center space OR install open shelves with lighting
8) Build pull out drawers for lower cabinets.  One cabinet will house the kids snacks, the other will house my laundry baskets.  They will be like the pull out trash can in my kitchen island (hidden).
9) Install batten boards on the empty wall, opposite the storage wall.
10) Paint, paint, paint...the thing I hate doing most.  But, I'm thinking a nice pop of color with all the white cabinets, white batten board wall and white plank ceiling will be fun.
11) New lighting
12) Create a communication board

I love how SPRING gets me in the mood for organizing.

This should keep me busy for a while.  I hope you stay with me.  I welcome any great ideas, tools or tricks you may have found when you organized your pantry or laundry room.


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  1. How big is your laundry room? LOVE what your doing. U amaze me and make me soioooo jealous. I want to marry you Hahaha....

  2. @Missy hahaha... The room is 12 feet long, but only 5 feet wide. If I ever gain too much weight, I won't be able to do laundry.

  3. I have to do my laundry in the garage and when it's Summer here in Houston, I have to wipe the sweat out of my eyes with my husband's clean socks. I love what your doing and can't wait to see it. I think of you everytime I see popcorn texture by the way.

    Love from

  4. @Loraine Hi Loraine! You just made me laugh so loud reading your comment. Thank you for that :)

  5. That's amazing! I'm jealous of all that space. :)


  6. It looks great, and I like it without the doors. Do yourself a favor. You work hard enough, BUY some of the things you'll need for organizing the food. You don't have to make everything. You get to relax sometimes, too!

  7. That's amazing! I love all of this space!