Inspiration board for Laundry and Pantry

Pin It I decided to try my hand at an inspiration board for the laundry room (pantry area).  I posted this on the facebook page yesterday.

White Cabinets, wood counters, metal backsplash, wood accents, pretty floral curtain, wire baskets, wicker baskets, chalkboard, lime green magazine holders, glass jars, wheat grass, beadboard ceiling, jute rug, lots of functional lighting (track light), a mirror and art work.

It looks crazy crowded, but I love the colors, textures and accessories I picked. I even found the same fabric on line ( for a curtain.

Since I'm now planning on buying ($437) two stock white cabinets for the base cabinets to keep everything uniform and match the uppers (gotta always keep the resale value in the back of my head, don't I?).  I'm still planning on building the roll out shelves and laundry storage for inside the cabinets to make them better, which means I need to be a bit more frugal with other purchases.

However, frugal would not describe some of those wicker and wire baskets (shown in the board).  They are expensive, especially for the number I need.  Sure, I could find canvas ones at half the price, but I don't want to lose the look I'm trying to achieve just to save a few dollars.  I think maybe I can build small crates like I did here.  Inexpensive and adds the color/texture to the white cabinets.  I'm going to check TJ Maxx and Home Goods on Saturday to see if they have anything on sale.

I can't wait to finish building the room this weekend so I can decorate it. Even with it half finished right now, it feels so much more organized in there. Heck, the organization is spilling into the other rooms. Who knew my "panic attack" room could change everything in the house just by doing a little work.

Then, I can start...cough...restart the upstairs hallway.

Stay tuned! 
Karen :)

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