Simple Wooden Wall Hangers

Pin It When I built those cute little herb boxes, I was challenged with how I should hang the boxes on the wall.

With a simple idea, came the need to make a small change to the orginal herb boxes. I did point out if you were to put the location of the rope on the sides instead, it would hang better. Well, I took my own advice and changed the location of the rope.

I did a small touch up on the stain over the holes. I figure those little holes in the back won't be seen and if they do? I say it adds to the charm. Go with me on the this, will you? :)

Any who!

I built these little hangers to attach to the wall (either screw, nail or hang with a picture hanger).

I just measured the part that will attach to the wall (all three are the same length), then figured out how wide the boxes were and made the center piece 1/2 the depth of the box so it hangs in the middle. Then I attached a small 1" piece on the end to keep the rope from slipping off the hook.

Rustic, ties in with the boxes and super sturdy. I nailed the pieces together, but I'm going to add a screw from the middle piece into the wall piece for added strength.

Did I lose you? Here are some pics to show you what I mean...
Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.