Simple Wooden Underbed Storage Drawer

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As many of you on facebook already know, today I spent scraping popcorn from a bedroom ceiling and ripping out carpet.  I do not have a completed wood project today unless we can consider the popcorn on the ceiling felt like wood.  Hmmm?  Yeah, I didn't think so.

Anyway, I did make these plans (for a drawer under my daughters bed) for the project and I will actually build some when I get finished with the great bedroom switch-o-roo of 2011.  All three kid bedrooms are being switched so it will be pretty crazy here the next few weeks.  Only one of the bedrooms has scraped ceilings and hardwood...for now.  By the end of the month two rooms will be scraped and have new hardwood installed (last of the carpet in the house will be gone-woo hoo!!) and all three will be repainted.  Decorations and accents will be next month after I redesign the laundry room.

Here are the plans for the underbed storage drawer.  They are simple enough to modify for different height bed openings.  I used a 4" board for the plans (with the wheels the overall height will be approximately 6").  Make sure you take the wheel height into consideration.  I made end up using a wider board on her drawer when I actually build it and make it utilitze the entire height under the bed.

Cut list:

1x4 -
2 - 25.5"
2 - 48"

1x2 -
2 - 49.5"
3 - 22.5"

24x48 piece of lauan (if using the drawer for out of season clothes)  If you are storing items with more weight you may want a 1/2 plywood.

Attach the 25.5" 1x4 to the ends of the 48" 1x4 to build a box with an opening 24"x48" (measure your lauan or plywood prior to building the box.  Sometimes precut pieces aren't exactly 24")
Attach the 1x2 pieces as shown on the bottom of the frame.  You will need to screw the middle piece into the 49.5" pieces to help support the weight.

Add wheels to base frame.

Add handle to side of box.  You may even want to line with a pretty shelf paper or wrapping paper inside for a fun surprise.
Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.

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