Simple Wooden Tray for Ottoman

Pin It I built this little tray to place on the ottoman as a way to set display items or the basic magazines and remotes.

My ottoman is about 3'x3', so I made this 2'x2'. It is easy to adjust to what you need for you.

First, you will cut 4 1x2s for the frame. I cut mine around 24" and mitered the ends (which isn't necesary if you don't feel like it).

Then grab a handful of those thin strips I've talked about on several other projects to build the base (like this one). If you are going to use this to carry around items, it would probably be best to use 1x2s for the base to help hold more weight.

Thank you for checking out this simple project.  Be sure to check out the other projects here.


  1. This is great. Thanks for your series. I am so inspired.

  2. Love your stuff!
    One question.... how did you attach all those strips to the frame for the tray?

  3. @2846a06e-f4ec-11e0-a153-000bcdcb2996 Did I forget to mention that? Oops. Thanks for asking. I made sure the strips were long enough to cover the frame and nailed them into the frame from the bottom.

  4. @Carol H. Thank you very much. I hope I can keep it up. WHEW! :)

  5. Nanciscruffydog10/13/11, 8:05 AM

    Thanks Karen :~)
    Did you glue them too?
    I am loving all your creative stuff! Spending too much time looking at all your projects when I should be making stuff! Well at least I'm getting inspired!! LOL

  6. @Nanciscruffydog Hi. I'm glad you are liking the projects. No, I didn't glue them. I think glue is always great to use, but I'm just lazy. I just nailed two small nails into each end of the strip into the 1x2 frame.