Simple Wooden Thin Wall Bookshelf

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My daughter needed a small bookshelf for her DVDs and smaller books.  We made this out of 1x2s to make it flush enough to fit right behind her door.  Her room is still a work in progress since I put in the hardwood floors last year, but I think it is obvious her favorite colors are purple and pink.  Don't you?

All you need to build this is 4 - 1x2x8 strips.

Cut 12 pieces of 1x2 - 24"
Cut 2 pieces of 1x2 - 36"

Add a piece of 1x2 to two other pieces in the shape of a Z.  See picture below.
Build three of the Z shaped shelves and secure to the side pieces, equally spaced (about 12").
Then add the front brace to keep the books and DVDs in place.

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  1. This is great!! I love your 3D how-to! I'm super visual and that really helps me!! I'm following along!

  2. @Maia Bee's Me too! I love the diagrams and pictures with a tutorial. I find it so helpful. I am so glad you are following along! Thanks.

  3. I liked your bookshelf so much, had to make my own.

    Thought I would share.

  4. @Kathy I LOVE IT! It looks so amazing. The colors are so creative and detailed. Thank you for showing me.

  5. Love it! I want to make this for my kids books, just a tiny bit deeper maybe... Can I ask how you hung it on the wall?