Simple Wooden Picture Hanger for Children Art

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My daughter loves to draw new pieces of art daily and there are never enough places to display them.
So, she put together this little wall hanger to display them.

This simple wood project didn't involve cuts, nails or anything fancy.

We bought a pack of clothes pins at the dollar store, used a piece of the thin strips of wood and wood glue.
As pictured above, use a second strip to keep the pins in place while the glue dries.

Picture of the thin strips of rough wood we bought from the hardware store on the right.
After we hung it in the hallway outside her room.  We just spray painted it, but you could dress it up much more than we did.

Ready for her art work.
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  1. Very cute. This is wonderful for anyone who likes to change their pictures frequently.
    Or even could be used to hang seasonal decorations.

  2. Neat idea...and functional. Can't wait to see the other projects you post. I added you to my list of 31-dayers to read. :)

  3. @DogsMom
    I love the idea of seasonal items being displayed. Thanks :)

  4. @cindy the cottage chick Thank you!!! I hope I can post some other things you may like.