Simple Wooden Pallet Shelf

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This is the narrow shelf for books.  If you want to hold wine bottles or wider items, you will need to replace the 3" boards with 4"

Cut list -
2 - 16"

1 - 24"
4 - 27"

You can secrew or nail the boards, depending on the look you want to have.  Some larger head roofing nails may look great too.
Secure the 2 16" boards to the 24" board to form the base and sides

Secure the front 27" piece along the front, about an inch up from the base piece.

Secure the remaining 3 pieces equally spaced on the back.

Due to the weight of the shelf with items displayed, secure to studs in the wall either by screwing through the top board into the stud or attach D hooks on the back and nail the supports into studs.

I found the narliest piece of 2x3 I could find.

I used tung oil on the raw wood to give it an aged look.

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