Simple Wooden Molding Picture Frame

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Here is my knock off version of a Restoration Hardware picture frame.
Finished with ASCP - Old White and Dark Wax

Here it is before the wood filler and paint.

I bought a mat and a picture glass w/backing kit from Michael's.

I added a simple trim to hold the glass around the 8x10 opening.  I just mitered the corners with half of the wood overhanging to hold in the glass.  I glued to the frame with wood glue.

Below is the Inspiration Piece from Restoration Hardware:

I made my version of the one on the left ($99)

Here is the molding I used around the base and the top.

Cut list:
4 - 13" 1x2
2 - 11 1x2
2 - 13" 1x4
Molding for base, mitered
Molding for the opening, mitered

Measurements and plans:
Create the frame using 2 of 13" 1x2 boards (mitered) and 2 of the 11" 1x2 boards (mitered) to make an opening 8x10

Attach the remaining 13" boards to create a box

Attach the 1x4 13" boards to the top and the bottom of the box

Optional - add decorative mitered trim along the top and bottom pieces

Add a small strip of molding around the opening to hold the glass in the frame.  (See photo above)

Thank you for checking out this simple project.  Be sure to check out the other projects here.

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  1. I'm wondering if on the copy cat end tables you routered the edges by hand or if you used a router table? I have a router but am not sure how to use it. I couldn't comment for some reason on that post. Thanks!

  2. @Julie I used a hand held router. It was my first time using it and it was super easy. It is my dad's router and didn't have any instructions. You just need to keep the thing moving. Try it on a practice piece first. If you pause or stop, it will leave a mark. I'll check out why you couldn't comment on that post. Thanks.