Simple Wooden Jar Holder

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For this simple wood project you will need a few small or medium jars, plumbing clamps and a scrap piece of wood.

I laid out several pieces of scrap boards and used different size jars to figure out which layout would work best. 

Then I had my beautiful assistant paint the board.

Then I screwed the clamps onto the board and tightened the clamps around four short jars.

Now the boy's bathroom has a bit more storage for the everyday little things.

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  1. This is genius. I am LOVING your series. (I actually found you through Ana White a while ago and now through the Nester!) Keep the great ideas coming!

  2. @Georgia Yay! I have some great stuff coming up. Please check back soon. Thanks.

  3. Karen, I think, I found such amazing projects in your blog. Your absolutely fabulous !! SO SO GLAD I Found you. Love the wooden art project and the flower box too. This one is amazing too. What is beautiful is whow you write "simple" before your project title. Gives so much encouragement to novices in DIY like myself. Your big fan.

  4. @doodlebuddies Thank you so much. You just reminded me I still have 4 more projects to add. :)