Simple Wooden Drawer Divider

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In five minutes, I cut down a 1x4 board to make this great organization piece for my daughter's bathroom drawer.

I measured the width of the drawer and cut 2 pieces to length.  Then I measured the length of the drawer and divided by 3 to estimate the section pieces, cutting four pieces.  Always estimate a bit long, so you can cut down to slide into place.

I assembled two "T" shaped sections with a width cut and a divided length cut (see below).  I used the kreg screws, but nails will work just as well.

Here are the two "T" pieces assembled and the other two divider pieces.
These fit perfectly in place.
I left the two front pieces unattached so she can adjust if she needs to change it.

Now I want to add this to all the drawers.
Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.


  1. I've been wondering how to make a divider for my kitchen tool drawer! Fantastic!

  2. I need to do this like yesterday! Thanks for posting

  3. @Laurie It was so easy, I am still trying to figure out why I didn't do it sooner. :)

  4. Oh that's so clever! I'd like to have something like these too but for my kitchen drawers... you know how those can get, eh? Thanks for the reminder do get something done about those Karen!

  5. Oh I know. I need to do this for the junk drawer and the plastic bowl/lid drawer in the kitchen. I'm glad it was an easy project, because I need to do more.