Simple Wooden Display Ladder

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Since my team is in the World Series this week, my posts may be very short due to my limited attention span.

This display ladder was made with two 2x3 boards and 1" dowels.  At first I was going to distress it and prop it against the wall to display magazines or quilts, but now I'm thinking I need to cut it in half and use them on the wall in the bathroom for a towel holder.  I've also seen folks use a shorter version hung from the ceiling with "S" hooks on the dowels for a pot rack.  I'll keep you posted after I decide.

Lay out the length of the board you are going to use and space the dowels about a foot apart.  Mark the boards.

Grab the paddle bit that fits the dowel size.

Drill into the 2x3 about 1/2 inch to create a spot for the dowel.

I used wood glue, but it you don't have a helper to assist with getting both sides together I might skip it if I ever do it again.  FRUSTRATING!  I had one side in and then the other side would fall out.  Then I started at one end and by the time I worked my way down, the top rung fell out.  I even used a clamp and it was still difficult.  Grrr!

Okay, so now that my hands are covered in glue and the baseball game is getting ready to start, I use my countersink drill bit and predrill into the middle of the dowel from the outside of the 2x3.

Then I screw in 2.5 inch wood screws to hold those pesky little dowels in place.

I'll distress the wood and decide where I'm going to use it.

Okay, bye for now...gonna watch the game!

Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.