Simple Wooden Chalkboard

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Another project for my daughter's new room is a small piece of "art" for her to design with a chalkboard.  I built her a chalkboard where we painted the frame with chalkboard paint too so she can decorate it and change it as much as she wants.

Sorry we couldn't demonstate the chalk yet, we added a second coat.

To build the frame, I threw together two boards about 15" long for the side pieces and another two boards about 16" long for the bottoms.  I used a kreg to screw the boards together.  If you don't have one, they sell flat "L" brackets to screw the boards together to do the exact same thing.

I cut a lauan board approximately 16" x 22" to fit on the back.  With carpet tacks, I nailed the lauan to the frame.

Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.

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