Simple Wooden Caddy

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I needed to make a caddy for my daughter's colored pencils, scissors and all her little accessories for her art crafts I seem to always be picking up on every flat surface in the house.  I grabbed two mason jars, some scrap boards (all weird sizes) and a dowel.

I used a 1x8 cut into two 11" boards for the sides, cutting off the corners and drilling a shallow hole for the dowel.  I used two boards approximately 8" long for the sides (different heights) and another 8" board for the middle divider.  Cut the dowel about 9" long.  Dry fit the box first to make sure the dowel will stay in place and isn't too long or too short.  The bottom I just traced onto the plywood once I had the box assembled.

Here is the front and the back board.

Used a paddle bit the size of the dowel and drilled out about 1/2" of the side boards which I cut off the edges.  You could round them with a jig saw, but I didn't have the time. 
The angle on the cuts = 30 degrees.

I attached the front and the back pieces to the end pieces and added a bit of glue to the ends of the dowel before placing the box together.  Nailing with 1 1/4" finish nails.

I added a 1/2" piece of plywood at the bottom.  You could always use regular wood (I just used some scraps for this whole project).

The middle piece is in there as a spacer (not nailed) so I can change the set up in the future if it needs to be.

Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.


  1. How handy. This would be great for so many things!

  2. @Sawdust and Paperscraps Thanks. I think I need to make one for my master bathroom and one for silverware for outdoor parties too.