Simple Wooden Cabinet Drawer

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I've been wanting to add a slide out drawer under the kitchen sink, but then I realized I couldn't find anything in the morning under my vanity.  So for demonstration purposes (and a practice run for drawers), I decided to try this out on the bathroom sink first.

You will need to measure the opening of the door area.  If the opening is 8", you will want to make the drawer about an inch smaller.  Usually, the rule is to allow 1/2" on each side for the slider.

Build your box the depth of the drawer glide and the width of the opening, minus an inch.  I used a 1x4 with a lauan base.  Nothing being stored in this drawer will be heavy.  However, under the kitchen sink I'll use 1/2" plywood to hold bottles of cleaner, trash bags, etc. which are generally pretty heavy.

So, I had to add a cleat to each side of the drawer since there is an overhang between the door opening and the side of the cabinet.  Screw the cleat into the bottom of the cabinet.

Here is the basic box I built.
I can find all my stuff now.  Most of it I had forgotten I had because I could never see it.  I would like to think this is why I have so many hair products and now because I'm a sucker for marketing.

Now I think I need to add those little dividers like I did yesterday here.

Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.

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