Simple Wooden Bookshelf

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Here is a super easy and solid bookcase.  I'm going to distress it and put it in the breakfast room to hold the cookbooks and some display items

It is actually really simple, no plans needed.
Cut an 8' board into 4 equal pieces.  This one is a 2x10.
Then grab two 2x4 boards.  I mitered 4 boards 36" long and 4 boards 9.25" long. 
I used the kreg to screw together the boards to the sides, but those handy little "L" brackets will work beautifully.  As far as holding the side pieces, I used the kreg, but since it was a mitered cut, I only used one kreg screw at each corner of the side frame.  I then added two 3" screws (countersunk) at the end of each miter to hold in place.  As you can see on the top I added a couple of strips to cover the screws and add a bit of depth to the top shelf.

It would probably look even better with some wheels.

Thank you for checking out this simple project. Be sure to check out the other projects here.


  1. Nice job Karen!

  2. Great job Karen , I love this ! I need to make New book shelf's for the boys room this will come in handy!

  3. @Brooke @ Thank you Brooke. I had those 2' boards left over from another project. I'm glad I found a way to use them.

  4. could you make some plans - what's a kreg - a little lost on the lingo because I am not a man,reall, I'm not, I'm a spinster in Nantucket, but what's a kreg?

  5. sorry to bother again but is miter cut decorative or structural? THanks for your time. Jim